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Landscape design consult

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At Sheridan Nurseries, we offer project management services to bring together trained landscape design and construction professionals who can assist you in increasing the curb appeal of your home, creating a unique garden or planning and installing a complete outdoor living space. Our team will coordinate the process of matching you with a Sheridan approved independent designer to plan out your project. Once your designs are complete we will pair an appropriate independent installation service provider to execute your approved plan. We will also work with the designer and installer to coordinate your plant and product order through one of our garden centres. You can be sure that we stand by the professionals that we recommend to take away the stress of finding reliable contractors for your landscape project. We also offer several do-it-yourself options including templated designs and virtual design services.

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Landscape Project Discussion: Free 15 Minute Call

Whenever you are thinking about updating the landscape architecture of a home in San Diego, it is important to select a style of landscape design that will work well in your particular micro-climate. The plants and landscape designs that look great near the beach in La Jolla might not be appropriate for the drier climate and cooler nights in Rancho Santa Fe.

For most of San Diego County, the California sun and cool ocean breezes make for a Mediterranean climate, which allows us to enjoy our outdoor living spaces year-round. This makes having a peaceful place for a retreat or outdoor entertainment a must-have for every homeowner in Southern California! If you are interested in eco-friendly landscaping from the best contractors in San Diego , contact us online now! After an intense process of finding the right Design Build company we choose Eco Minded Solutions for a large home remodel project for our Carlsbad home.

From the initial consultation to the completion of the project, everything ran smoothly. The crew was always on time and often worked longer than expected to keep the project on track. Loving our newly remodeled home and would highly recommend Eco Minded! Working together with you, we create a design and landscape that is stylistically appropriate, expertly executed, beautiful, and functional.

We specialize in creating outdoor living spaces, such as xeriscapes, that are strongly connected to the home. The landscape is an integral part of the home—it extends the sight lines and boundaries of rooms. This harmonious match between your environment and architecture integrates sustainable design strategies and materials that reduce upkeep and save water. Need some inspiration? Visit our project portfolio to view photos of dozens of types of landscape architecture ideas. Contact us now! Before choosing your San Diego landscape design style, consider what style of design typically meshes best with your established home landscape architecture, community, and personal image.

The style of your landscape should be likened to a theme, template, or paint palette, that draws inspiration from a specific climate or historical influence. Our experienced San Diego landscape design contractors can instruct you on the best integration of water features, fire features, green living walls , or other artistic accents to suit your preferred style. We work to make our sustainable design complementary of the natural landscape so that we can implement as many natural elements as possible.

This landscape style incorporates turquoise, vibrant plants, and sun-loving flower. Create a retreat using native plants that love the sun, use little water, incorporate modern irrigation systems, and limit the need for chemical fertilizers or herbicide.

Drought-resistant landscaping is also a functional choice which reduces water consumption and requires minimal maintenance. At Eco Minded Solutions, we can modify any landscape to include low-maintenance, cost-effective, and eco-friendly landscape design construction tactics.

Transform your backyard into a resplendent tropical garden. From colorful flowers to gorgeous foliage, we will create the look and feel of the Caribbean or any tropical inspiration of your choice. Envision a clean and polished garden that fuses geometric symmetry with contemporary.

This style is popular thanks to its creative paver design installations, as well as sculptural art fixtures. A traditional English-style garden transforms an ordinary space into an extraordinary maze of bodacious foliage, roses, and clematis gardens.

Zen gardens are meant to bring peace and tranquility to their owners. We incorporate the gardening principles of Japanese and Zen garden masters to create an uplifting harmonious landscape. Add elemental water or fire features to bring out the best of this design style.

Positive energy flow can bring you the benefits of the Chi—good fortune, luck, and health. With Feng Shui, we will help you connect to nature by blending mountain greenery, colorful flowers, and the energy of select water features. Other important accents of landscape architecture design include but are not limited to: outdoor lighting, furniture, kitchens, and living spaces which are customized to your personal passions.

Rather, we believe in designing a lasting landscape design that matches your luxurious home. During your design consultation with a landscape architect, costs will be one of the first items discussed to properly manage your expectations with your budget. Our landscape architects and designers will work within your budget to maximize your space without sacrificing quality.

We make sure you are getting the most out of your budget, even if it means reducing the overall project size, because we believe in delivering only the highest quality of work. Therefore, we will not begin the landscape construction process unless a consensus is reached on the design vision.

We work hard to construct a lasting backyard landscape and garden design made of the highest quality and environmentally conscious materials. If you have a question about our landscaping design or construction services, give us a call at or send us a message online to schedule your free consultation.

Our Portfolio Home Renovation Portfolio. Landscape Construction Portfolio. How Can We Help You? Request a Consultation.

Have a Question? Ask a Landscape Architect If you have a question about our landscaping design or construction services, give us a call at or send us a message online to schedule your free consultation.

Ready to Learn More? Contact Information Padgett St.

Landscape Consultation

We are an integrated team of Landscape Architects who work with a range of clients to deliver a professional service and develop the best solution to the project challenge. We offer a wide range of complementary consultancy and design services to ensure that your project achieves the best design in its environment with minimised adverse impacts. We work alongside engineers and other environmental specialists in multi-disciplinary teams. Our enthusiastic and collaborative team includes Chartered Members of the Landscape Institute. We can provide landscape and visual assessment, landscape design, co-ordination and landscape design services for highways and transportation, infrastructure and technology projects. Our team can provide landscape consultancy input at all stages of the project life cycle to ensure that all the landscape and environmental aspects of a project are taken into account and incorporated into an iterative design process. We can provide fully integrated services relating to all aspects of landscape architecture, throughout the entirety of a project.

and precision during the design process, we offer a complimentary initial consultation. A landscape architect or designer will meet you at your property.

Schedule a Free Landscaping Consultation

Learn more about our onsite Garden Consultation and Inspection services for both new and existing gardens. Learn more about our custom landscape design services. We offer both 2D and 3D design services for our clients. Once your design is complete learn about how we can see your project through the next phases for you. Tap in to our extensive contractor database with a contractor referral for your next landscape project. After your installation is complete, let us be your concierge by shopping for outdoor furnishings and accessories. No matter the season, custom planters are one of our specialties. Let us help brighten your entrance or patio this season!

Garden Design Consultation

Every client has different requirements, so each landscape design project begins with a consultation to understand your needs and wish list. During this session, we listen to your thoughts, ask questions, and take an impression of the site. We may also show you some visuals and propose some initial ideas to further articulate what you want. This will enable a brief to be produced to accurately reflect your requirements.

The Design team are an enthusiastic and vibrant design team that seek to provide innovative, robust and creative landscape solutions that respond to the challenges set out by different spaces. We have been a registered practice since and form the design consultancy practice of Ground Control.

DIY Design Services

We look to ensure impacts of development are properly considered and addressed as part of the design process through landscape and visual impact assessment LVIA and the wider role of landscape planning. From concept development, strategic landscape design, masterplanning, site analysis and stakeholder consultation through to detailed design and site supervision. Being part of an interdisciplinary organisation means that our team has a deep understanding of how landscape brings together elements such as ecology, engineering, geology, flood modelling, hydrology and planning. Working collaboratively, we aim to ensure that the places where people live, work, and play are aesthetically pleasing, functional and healthy. To achieve high quality, sustainable, integrated development, it is essential to build landscape into the design process from the outset. Our stakeholder engagement and inter-disciplinary experience enable us to work effectively within a team.

Enrich Your Life with DIY

One of our certified landscape designers will set up an appointment to ask you a select list of questions including your areas of priority, your planned use of space, any ideas, likes and dislikes and your target budget. The designer will then join you on a walk around of the space, analyzing elements such as existing plant materials, elevation changes, sun exposure, soil conditions, and surrounding properties. The designer will create a solution based on your answers and their observations. Following the consultation, we can quote the installation portion as well, free of charge. Consultations are a great value for those who are trying to add a designer's touch while combining two or more elements in an outdoor space, or in need of an overall vision for a project. The design process starts with a consultation.

Landscaping consultations are very important. In a sense, they set up your entire project. Discuss Design Ideas. Your landscaping design consultation allows us.

Additional Services

Our overview is a minute phone conversation of what you are looking for or to change in your landscapes big picture: plantings, patios, landscape renovations, outdoor living, landscape upgrades, curb appeal and so on. After chatting about what you are looking for we can let you know how it matches up with our services and if we are a good fit for eachother. If so we can then send you out a work sheet and then schedule our comprehensive site consultation to go over your landscape needs in more detail. This intial phone call overview helps if you are not sure the type of landscape services you may need or what type of person will be the best for you and your before spending time meeting with people.

Design Consultation & Project Planning

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Add a touch of zhoosh to your garden, with layout and planting suggestions. Rejuvenate a tired front yard, or create a practical backyard garden. Within minutes of being on site for the design consultation Claire and Maisy were clearly buzzing with ideas and a vision for the space. From the initial consultation to the final delivery of the garden, the team at Sculpt were great to work with. We love our new outdoor space and continue to get compliments on it.

Both in the store and for any at-home consultations that you may schedule at this time.

The company specializes in quality design, consulting — building on over 30 years of experience in horticulture — and overseeing of construction projects; combining unmatched horticultural knowledge with an eye for aesthetics and eco-initiatives such as rainwater handling, habitat creation and biodiversity. This unique skill set has led Sean to consult and design with researchers, universities and industry experts across North America. Sean is on an ongoing mission to remain at the cutting-edge of eco-landscape design and installation. It is not difficult to sell people on concepts like biodiversity and bioretention when the results are seamlessly, yet elegantly, integrated into the landscape. Sean James has been gardening professionally since age sixteen.

Posted: March 15,Good landscape design is not priceless. Bad landscape design and planning or absence of is priceless…it has no value! Not all landscape projects require computer generated or hand drawn landscape architecture plans.


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